Digital is the backbone of our life’s ecosystem. Its centrality is disrupting people interactions and, as a consequence, business, organisation, social and cultural models.
The Valley Digital Business School has designed the Global Experiential Leadership Program (GELP) to provide Executives with meaningful insights to Digitize Business Strategy and to lead Organisations towards their Digital Maturity.


The Global Experiential Leadership Program (GELP) provides executives with a full immersion into the keys of Digital Transformation that are shaping businesses and organisations in a world of exponential changes, through an Experiential learning path that starts in Europe (Madrid), continues in the US (Boston) and Asia (Singapore) and ends back in Europe (Barcelona).
Participant profile:
  • Members of the executive committee of global or multinational organisations.
  • Sr. Leaders with global responsibilities.
  • Next generation of Global Leaders.
  • Ex alumni of PADDB+ with global responsibilities.
Executives will witness through conversations with disruptive experts, practitioners and organisations in different continents, how digital is shaping the present and the future of our environment, organisations and people behaviours.
World-class experts deliver interactive presentations in a classroom environment as well as in off campus visits through immersive settings in the companies where disruption is happening, paired with insightful discussions and activities that leverages insight and discussions of the different topics. The program ends at the Barcelona Tech City where participants will be brought into an IMPACT environment in order to think about how to apply learnings.
Madrid is home of one of the most important digital business school in Spain, The Valley focused on Education and Innovation for Business Transformation, Talent lifelong learning and Social development. Madrid is also the home for The Place, the new innovation experiential space of The Valley.
Boston, situated in the most innovative state in the US, Massachusetts, has a high concentration of disruptive organisations of different industries and is considered to be a world leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, with nearly 2.000 start-ups. Boston is an international center of higher education. Businesses and institutions rank among the top in the country for environmental sustainability and investment.
Singapore is listed nº 2 smart city after Copenhagen and has developed a Smart Nation strategy to support better living, stronger communities, and create more opportunities for all. Singapore is the market with the highest mobile penetration (88%) in the world after UAE (91%). The city is a multicultural hub and blends Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and English cultures and religions.
Barcelona is one of Europe’s leading business and tech hubs and is the designated mobile world capital, home of the Mobile World Congress, due to it’s high mobile penetration (80%). Barcelona is also the home of the Barcelona Tech City, one of the most productive and influential digital ecosystems in Europe.

Monday to Friday
9AM – 6.30PM


Monday to Friday
9AM – 6.30PM


Monday to Friday
9AM – 6.30PM


Monday to Friday
9AM – 6.30PM



What will you experience?

  • Immersion in an experiential learning experience through learning expeditions (vs a not only class room training approach).
  • Access to a wide range of experts, knowledge and organisations globally.
  • Access to fast moving markets, first hand update on trends.
  • Creating new personal Global Network connecting with people who have already gone through changes.
  • A continuous lifelong learning path.
  • Immersion in the Exponential Learning dynamics.
  • Witness and experience first-hand how Exponential and Disruptive Organisations are leading the present and the future of business.
  • Share and discuss challenges with peers, finding jointly answers to big questions.
  • Learn from Success and Failures.
  • Adapt, evolve and transform your Leadership Style.
  • Explore and reflect on the impact of the learnings in your Industry and Organisation and apply these to your business.


90% of what we retain while learning happens when we go through an immersion that involves an experiential learning through workshops, real time observation, discussions and peer to peer learning and practical application of learnings. This is why we have designed a global leadership program that takes participants to the part of the world where the expertise is and where digital transformation is happening.
The four modules of the program have been designed with the aim to connect leaders to the content, individuals and organisations that are driving innovation and digital transformation in key regions of the world, Europe, US and Asia, using a combination of different tools such as In-Company sharing experience, Peer to Peer learning, expert panels, technology update and workshops.


Learning Expedition 50%
Workshops 20%
Classroom sessions 20%
Project 10%


  • One year learning journey, four one week modules.


28.850 €
Included tuition, accommodation & meals.


Program Director



Advisory Team


Partner, The Valley B2B



Innovation Director, The Valley



Managing Director Kantar Brand Growth Lab



President BLC Group